Are You A Ruminator?

Are You A Ruminator?

Are You A Ruminator?

scheduleMay 26, 2017

Ruminating is the act of thinking deeply about something, possibly a recent confrontation, or experience you had. This can be productive in some context, but very harmful in others.

I have recently been researching emotional intelligence and its effects on human interaction, and they are huge. One particular text I have been using is Dr. David Walton’s book, Emotional Intelligence, It speaks about many aspects of emotional intelligence, but one interesting topic I found in the text was that of rumination.

Walton Defined Rumination as a very self-critical state. Research has linked being self-critical to tendencies for procrastination and failure to act promptly in dealing with interpersonal problems.

It is suggested that to fix these tendencies you should maintain awareness of you’re here and now, and develop an independent, self-confident, and optimistic outlook.

I personally find myself to be a ‘ruminator.’ I have been very self-critical before, especially in work I have done that took longer than planned or that did not map out exactly right. I have thought too much about the ‘what-if’ instead of thinking of how to deal with a situation here and now. That is all you have, here and now, so use it.

From now on I will work in the moment and spend the here and now working towards my goals. I will not worry about mistakes in the past, or where I think I should be.

I hope you all will do the same, and I hope to hear from you in the comments!



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