How I’m Going to Crush Goals in 2018, And How You Can Too

How I’m Going to Crush Goals in 2018, And How You Can Too

How I’m Going to Crush Goals in 2018, And How You Can Too

scheduleDecember 29, 2017

If you are like me as the end of the year is quickly approaching you feel more stressed out than excited. A whole year has gone by yet you are still not a billionaire (What’s up with that?).

All jokes aside, with the turning of a new year comes the turning of a new page, an empty canvas on which to paint your story, and what seems like unlimited time to complete it. That is until the end of another year goes by and you still have not gotten a step closer to accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams. This has been true of me ever since I entered college and realized what i wanted to do. For me that is to become a successful entrepreneur and open up my own research lab (More about that in another post…maybe), for you whether you know what you want or not, now is the time to figure that out and set up goals and milestones to achieve it.

Most years I plan on eventually writing out my goals and executing them, but winter break seems to go by so fast after the new year that i never get to it.

This year i decided that I would not wait to decide on and plan out my goals. So I got to it today, and for those of you who want to get ahead of the curve on the New Year follow along with the three things i did to get started crushing goals in 2018

1. Find Areas to Improve:

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Areas to improve… the list seems endless, but as my mother always taught me growing up, when I feel overwhelmed with life I take a second, I sit down, and I write a list of all the things I have to do. for some reason this always made it easier to organize my day around what i had to get done.

With list making in mind I started out by writing down a few areas in which I wanted to improve myself. While I am positive that the dad bod is still the most attractive of all of the physiques one can attain, mine has started to wear on me. So as an obvious area of improvement I chose my physical health. Now this one was an easy pick. It is something i can see on the surface everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror. Now as i got deeper and deeper into brainstorming different areas to improve upon, the closer I got to my life goals. The reason I want to open a research lab is to allow people interested in technology who may not be able to afford the proper equipment of have access to the knowledge necessary to be able to design, and develop their dreams (and some other more selfish reason give you a hint: ). What better way to teach people than through the 3.8 billion user behemoth better known as the internet (Stats: Internet Live Stats)? So I decided that social media outreach would be a good area to improve upon as well.

How you can find areas to improve:

To find areas to improve upon just start by thinking about areas in your daily life you want to improve. The questions below might help when coming up with areas:

-What are some things that bother me about myself?

-If i could interview 5 year old me about what he thinks I should do what would he/she say?

-What is one thing I have always wanted to do that i thought impossible

Whether it be that six pack or financial freedom. Start off with a list of areas you want to improve. You can start shallow at first, but write everything that comes to your mind you can always discard it later.

Setting Goals:

OK. great. you found some areas of your life you want to improve. Now what? well here comes the fun part, setting goals. Its great to find areas of your life you want to improve but you probably won’t execute on them unless you set goals. When I am setting goals i like to follow a convention called SMART Goals (you can read more about them here). SMART goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound. I will guide you through my first goal i set for my physical health.


Be specific in the goal you want to achieve what is being done?

I want to swim a 2000 meter workout.

This goal is important to me because it will help me get into great physical shape.

I will be training at Bel Air Athletic Club during break and at The Cain Swim Center When classes begin again.


It is important to make your goals measurable so that you can tell when you have achieved your goal and so you can track your progress along the way

To determine if I successfully achieved this goal i must be able to swim 2000 meters.


Do not set yourself up for failure, while it is good to push yourself start off with goals that are achievable. I for instance am not going to set a goal to complete a triathlon this year, because it is just not feasible with my current lifestyle and motivation.

I will achieve this goal by increasing the length of my workout by 100 meters each time I go.

I tested my swimming strength last week (not great), but i can still achieve this goal.


Don’t make goals for things you feel you have to accomplish focus on the most important goals. A good rule of thumb that i came across was from Kyle Maynard, a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and ESPY award-winning mixed martial arts athlete. In Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris, he talks about when choosing to say yes or no to an offer he rates it on a scale of 1-10. the only catch is he cannot rate anything a 7. this allows him to decide whether he is really motivated by something or if its just a maybe or no.

I want you to do this when you are assessing your goals rate the goal on a scale of 1-10 (not including 7) if it gets an 8 or above set it if not drop it.

this is relevant to my goal of getting in better physical shape, and swimming is a sport i enjoy so it does seem worthwhile and relevant.


If you don’t set a due date it is not getting done.

I will swim a 2000 meter workout by February 28th, 2018.


Map it out:


Now that we have all of our goals set its time to map out our war path. How we’re going to get from point A (Camel Level Swimmer) to point B (Michael Phelps). What I did was i looked at my current swimming workout let’s say 600 meters and my goal workout of 2000 meters. between January 1st and February 28th if I swim two times a week increasing by 100 meters each time that would get me to well over my goal at 2300 meters a workout. I took this information and set every Tuesday and Thursday as my designated swimming days. Now that the path is set I just have to follow it.

This can be done to achieve almost any goal. Look at where you are, then look at where you want to be, and the time you have to get there. Then break that goal into smaller more chew-able chunks and annihilate them.


Speaking of goal crushing I will be creating new social media accounts and posting weekly so make sure to sign up to my mailing list below to keep updated 🙂


So here’s to crushing goals in 2018, let’s get at it people!

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