QOTW: Working With the Reality of Where You Are

QOTW: Working With the Reality of Where You Are

QOTW: Working With the Reality of Where You Are

scheduleJanuary 5, 2018

Hey all,

Today’s blog post is going to be a quick one on a quote I have been pondering. It is one that has really helped me with of the stress the first week of the year and all of my ambitious goals (read more about how I set my goals for the year here).

When I was writing down my goals I was very excited. Although, as the new year came around, I was terrified. Thoughts began to rush through my head, “How am I going to get there? Why am I not there yet? If only I would have started this a week or a month or even a year ago.” The feeling became overwhelming. And this is where this quote helped me.

The Quote Comes from Graham Duncan in an interview from Tim Ferris‘ Book Tribe of Mentors (I will be mentioning this book a lot over the next week). It goes like this: “When I stop to really feel the water before I pull, it shifts my way of being from thrashing through the water toward the other end of the pool to a more effortless flow of working with the reality of where I am.”

If it is not obvious to you yet this quote was referring to both swimming and life. As I went for my biweekly swim this morning I contemplated this quote. “Working with the reality of where i am,” I thought to myself as I glided through the pool. Not only did it make my workout easier, but it also helped calm my soul about all there is to do, today, tomorrow, the next day, and the 359 days following. There was nothing I could do to get to my goals faster. I had to come to terms with the reality of where I was. The only thing I can do is be consistent with my routine and with my work until my goals are achieved.

Too often people are so caught up in getting to where they want to be that they forget the steps in between and fall over themselves. I am no exception. People will start with ambitious goals in mind but give up when they do not see results after a few weeks.

So I challenge all of you this week to work with the reality of where you are and realize that if you just keep taking those small steps towards your goals they will eventually add up to something as magnificent as you are 😉


Happy First Week of the New Year (and to 51 more)


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